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LATINEX is an exchange, committed to offering alternative financial solutions and asset management without intermediaries, betting on self-manage-ment, unlike current financial systems, we place all assets directly in the Blockchain.
Our mission is to provide the service of decentralized exchange between individuals, ac- ting as their own currency exchange, without intermediaries.
Users can deposit, trade and withdraw cryptocurrencies and other Altcoins and benefit from an advanced trading interface.
Latinex has Interesting different systems to start using the exchange, a referral system where you get a reward in relation to the benefits of the person who is your referral or coupon systems, where community members can get special offers.

Latinex Community

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Welcome to Latinex: Founded in 2017, Latinex is an intuitive, fast and secure platform for the exchange of cryptoactives based on an international offer focused on the Hispanic public.
To get started:
The first thing you need to do after creating your Latinex account is to optimise your profile and security settings.
For more information on how to thoroughly secure your Latinex account, visit the security section of the Latinex Help Base.
To deposit a currency:
To make a deposit, visit the Wallet section of your Latinex account, found it unfolding the profile menu, then select Deposit in the coin you want to make the transfer. Copy your Address from Latinex.


You are now ready to make your first trade. To make a trade, follow the steps below:
* Make sure your funds are on your Latinex Exchange wallet. To transfer funds to your Exchange wallet, follow the steps outlined.
* Find to the Trading page and select the pair you wish to trade (e.g. MRN/BTC - buying MRN using BTC)
* Specify the Order Size, and Price. To make things simpler you can choose Market Order, resulting in your order being executed immediately at the current market price.
* When you have specified the type of order, size and price, simply click Buy or Sell to execute.


When you are finished trading and wish to withdraw your funds to a personal wallet or bank account, you can do so through the withdraw function on your Latinex home page.



You can earn the 50% of the commission for purchasing of your referral, let’s explain it with an example:

If "Charlie" invites "Jorge" to Latinex and Jorge makes a transaction in which, for example, he buys a quantity of Dash for the price of 1 BTC, the platform will take 0.1% of that transaction as commission and will return the 50% of that commission to Charlie for inviting the investor (Jorge).

To participate you just have to display the menu from your profile and go to the "affiliate" page. Once on the page https://latinex.la/referals we must copy one of the links provided by the platform and share it with a referral.

by registering through this link we will know, by an automated system, who each referral corresponds to.


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