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Based on what one feels to offer the best experience moving on Latinex interactive platform, we have build instinctive and easy learning exchange, ideal for beginner and advanced users.


Some elementary operations, even being conceptually as simple as others, are much faster in the process, Latinex platform allows users to make changes of pairs practically instantaneously.


The 2 Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security in Latinex platform that requires a password and username but also something that only users has on them to make a withdraw, that makes the platform a safe place to move a currency.

Coins & Withdraw Commission

The commission is appointed by the coin blockchain. To ensure withdraw we are freeze the minimum balance.

Coin Min. balance

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We've created the tools you need for trading, designed to offer an easy and efficient way to discover the crypto world. You only have to create an account and start exploring Latinex and all its benefits.

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Recommend Friends to earn commision of their trades!! You get 0,1% commission of their trades.

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Discover all the possibilities Latinex offers you and start earning money easily. Trade with low commissions and take advantage of promotions and referral systems of the platform. “Open an account now”